Matemática ingenua

Salva Alambre

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A great pointof departure (…) ROCKDELUX Juan P- Holguera

After some years being an active part of different DIY collectives, creating fanzines, organizing parties and deejaying, we know Salva Alambre mainly for being an essential part of two mythical bands in the Murcia’s scene (located in Spain’s South-East region). These two bands are Electrowendy (in the 90’s) and Los Alambres. From Los Alambres we still remember their singles, the split shared with Kana Kapila and their marvelous album, ‘Señales de humo’.

Salva has now decided to go one step forward and publish his first solo record. Having a lyrical world of his own, Salva Alambre’s language gets into a new and a more personal dimension, between irony and humor. The tableau includes personal experiences, like the sighting of a UFO at 12 (Habanera del avistamiento) or his relation with some urchins in the streets (La vida salvaje). There are some hilarious fantasies like the curious description of a traffic jam in ‘Peces’, or the answer given to a merchant who takes marketing technics so seriously, in ‘Mercachifle’. Produced by Marco Velasco (Perro, Futuro Terror, Garaje Florida), the landscape of Alhama de Murcia and the features of the recording studio itself, literally dug in the mountain, have affected the tone and atmosphere of the record too. In Salva’s words: ‘odd things would happen in the studio, such as the evening when we recorded under the attentive supervision of a huge spider in a cristal jar -and freed afterwards- or when Marco’s dog went out of the studio barking angrily because of the ultra-low frequencies of the Moog’.

Here we have Salva Alambre’s first great piece as a whole musician, as an artistic vector who has unfold indeed a work that carries a strong musical personality. In ‘Matemática ingenua’ the musician can be discovered from never explored angles, stepping into lands typical of the psychedelia or even adhere to a certain experimental electronic music, to African dances or to jazz. Everything is made by combining acoustic and electronic sounds, overlapping loops, effects and layers but always starting from pop, a genre where Salva can easily show his expertise.



A great point of departure
Juan P- Holguera, Rockdelux

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