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Pure free verse straight from the national scene (…) DIARIO DEL ALTO ARAGÓN Luis Lles

After some years being an active part of different DIY collectives, creating fanzines, organizing parties and deejaying, we know Salva Alambre mainly for being an essential part of two mythical bands in the Murcia’s scene (located in Spain’s South-East region).

Through several singles and two albums as personal as ‘Matemática ingenua’ (2.018) and ‘Electromagnetismo’ (2.020), with the passing of time Salva Alambre has shown to articulate his own language through which each of his deliveries is more exciting than the previous one, as it seems to respond to new and unexpected rules of an intriguing conceptual game that is accountable to no one, except himself.

Well, pay attention because now Salva Alambre returns with nothing less than a 21st century vocal album: the sensational ‘Más allá de lo razonable’. With this album Salva Alambre surpasses himself and raises the bar even higher. So let yourself be surprised, enjoy and share this album now, today because we are in front of a musical wonder of our time, a unique work.