Más allá de lo razonable

Salva Alambre

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Through several singles and two albums as personal as ‘Matemática ingenua’ (2.018) and ‘Electromagnetismo’ (2.020), with the passing of time Salva Alambre has shown to articulate his own language through which each of his deliveries is more exciting than the previous one, as it seems to respond to new and unexpected rules of an intriguing conceptual game that is accountable to no one, except himself. Well, pay attention because now Salva Alambre returns with nothing less than a 21st century vocal album: this sensational ‘Más allá de lo razonable’.

Produced with the invaluable help of his usual Marco Velasco and featuring collaborators such as Susana López (Susan Drone), Nino García (Cherry), Alejandro Martínez (Klaus & Kinski, Alexanderplatz), Paula Sal (Pau from Mars) and Yago García (Color Clash, Perapertú); Salva Alambre’s third studio work is an album made from the exclusive use of voices for the musical composition and the construction of the sound. This, as well as constituting a formal unity between all the songs, makes ‘Más allá de lo razonable’ a unique musical object in Spanish. Velasco and Alambre have achieved unimaginable textures through the treatment and manipulation of the initial captures, stretching the voice to reach unrecognisable morphologies. In the words of Alambre -Of course I took the opportunity to do all the antics possible. Exercise my dubious ventriloquist skills, perform a gargling solo or emulate the croaking of a toad (…).

But be careful, ‘Más allá de lo razonable’ didn’t start from this aesthetic idea for no reason, but arrived at it by reflecting on the concepts of utopia, of empathy with the universal from the subjective and, in short, of community awareness and social reorganisation. Therefore, all the songs on this album signify or could explain different visions of a utopian world and deal indistinctly with love, friendship, conscience, nature or progress. Just as all of them, in turn, sound and resonate through a single voice, which is the voice of voices. With this album Salva Alambre surpasses himself and raises the bar even higher. So let yourself be surprised, enjoy and share this album now, today because we are in front of a musical wonder of our time, a unique work.



The experimental mentality of the album does not conflict with its pop will, thanks to vocal harmonies in which one senses both a vindication of solidarity and a refutation of the idea of progress
David Saavedra, Rockdelux
Captivating, powerful music full of unique and original suggestions
Javier Herrero, La publicidad

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