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Cataplàusia is probably one of the wildest projects the Mediterranean has produced in recent years. Wild by his very nature and Mediterranean in his urge to recover nothing less than the legacy of Barcelona’s best decades, only to dilute it on a black-grained pallet under a white needle.

This is much like an unexpected eruption, Pasto Martí (Sonio). No holds barred, Cataplàusia is willing to imbue every one of their songs with humor and contempt in order to bring them to life, and they do so at will and without stopping to consider what the outcome might be. His music is what it is.

With two albums released between 2013 and 2014, ‘Cataplàusia ‘ and the amazing ‘Metacrit!!’, both work as a well-toiled self-homage that goes beyond mere irreverence. Everything here is reflected in their hairstyle: Cataplàusia cares little for cosmetic accessories. Martí looks at the past from an obvious anti-revivalism perspective, he is a child of his time. Cataplàusia wears hi influences on his sleaves, but he energetically spurn any yearning for a past zeitgeist that has long since reached the age of majority.




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