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Songs about essencials truths (…) TIME OUT

Pentina’t Lula is a riot grrl band formed by Lula Thomas and sisters Anna and Laia Pantinat. What makes it really special is them natural skills for melody on top of iconic influences. Like a born-again version of the Laiten rock, Pentina’t Lula can transform the blues into a eurodisco song, and vice versa!

After a split with Barcelona’s mythical Panotxa i els Caps parlants, his recent EP ‘Una gran reforma moral’ released on 2018 is is any totalitarism’s wet dream. But it is also a necessary stage of any utopian construct: be it a feminist republic or a much needed reform of Spain’s 1978 constitution. If the first listen of the songs as individual items conjures images of hilarity, speediness, and provocation, the album as a whole speaks for a political stance that is ripe with clear-sightedness, wit, and depth, an invitation to reflect and discuss on the following.

Pentina’t Lula colaborate with several feminist collectives, for instance the Asociación de autoras de cómic, the Ladyfest or Hits with tits, and they also participate on several contemporary creation formats with pieces that combine text and music performance (at Embarrat, Konvent Paraula, and at Poesia i +). Furthermore, Anna Pantinat is an extraordinary poet who has won seveal prizes nation wide with her own books ‘Construcció de la nit’ (Fonoll, 2013), ‘De sobte, un estiu’ (La breu, 2014) and ‘Qui no s’anomena’ (Món de llibres, 2018).




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