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Pentina’t Lula is a band formed by Lula Thomas and sisters Anna and Laia Pantinat. What makes it really special is them natural skills for melody on top of iconic influences. Like a born-again version of the Laiten rock, Pentina’t Lula can transform the blues into a eurodisco song, and vice versa!

‘Què passaria si el seu marit s’afiliés cada dia a un nou partit?’ is the third reference of Pentina’t Lula, after a debut single with Panotxa i Els Caps Parlants, in 2017, and ‘Una gran reforma moral’. An EP they released in 2018, on which they sympathized with the sixties. However, now we face a collection of cuts and snippets that the band from Barcelona has recreated since then, to reduce them with poetic purity and punk vandalism, in these songs that you will hear.

Pentina’t Lula colaborate with several feminist collectives, for instance the Asociación de autoras de cómic, the Ladyfest or Hits with tits, and they also participate on several contemporary creation formats with pieces that combine text and music performance (at Embarrat, Konvent Paraula, and at Poesia i +). Furthermore, Anna Pantinat is an extraordinary poet who has won seveal prizes nation wide with her own books ‘Construcció de la nit’ (Fonoll, 2013), ‘De sobte, un estiu’ (La breu, 2014) and ‘Qui no s’anomena’ (Món de llibres, 2018).




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