Què passaria si el seu marit s’afiliés cada dia a un nou partit?

Pentina’t Lula

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They reclaim humour in punk, but also collectivism and the performativity of the female body and its decapitalisation (…) MUZIKALIA Luis Moner

‘Què passaria si el seu marit s’afiliés cada dia a un nou partit?’ is the third reference of Pentina’t Lula, after a debut single with Panotxa i Els Caps Parlants, in 2017, and ‘Una gran reforma moral’. An EP they released in 2018, on which they sympathized with the sixties. However, now we face a collection of cuts and snippets that the band from Barcelona has recreated since then, to reduce them with poetic purity and punk vandalism, in these songs that you will hear.

The six songs that make up the EP have been composed with those (ultra) violet glasses that we put on during the third feminist wave and that nowadays have got them crystals cracked. For, if our daily acts become political, then the current fragmentation of social activism is the clearest symptom. A symptom of unrequited questioning. Symptom of non-inclusion and irreconcilable differences. As little pieces of a breaking glass, if the debate is centered on who we are, instead of what and how we are… then bye-bye comrades, bye-bye. From where do we fight from? With whom and for whom? Over this superficial background noise, in this war of legitimacy, full of identities in transit, is where the title of the album makes perfect sense. Now, what would happen if your husband joined a new party every day? Seriously, what would happen? That’s when Anna Pantinat’s poetry stands out as an uncomfortable, sometimes histrionic, irreverence towards the very democratic and christian heteropatriarchy which has brought us this far. Why? To begin with, the past is a mistake since (…) All the bourgeois of the suffragette daughters were called terrorists (…).

In ‘C.O.N.Y, Pentina’t Lula’ point out the work of Sebastià Portell i Clar to, right after that, knock down and expose the grotesque on ‘Psicosi el dia 23 d’abril’. However, it is in ‘És el final del món’ -based on Joan Todó- where Anna Pantinat shares one of the sharpest verses of the album, a crude portrait of the traditional background that moves catalan neoliberal politics. (…) A tile says ‘God bless you, a catalan lives in this house’. An image presiding the scene as it should (…). No mercy. Pentina’t Lula take an enlightening approach to political absurdity. Up with the ultra-local vindication, let’s be ‘Ungovernable’.



They lash out against everything and everyone. Especially against the heteropatriarchy
Fidel Oltra, Muzikalia
They reclaim humour in punk, but also collectivism, the performativity of the female body and its decapitalisation, and so on. They could be our DEVO, or our The B-52's
Luis Moner, Muzikalia
October 11th is still the Xanadu, fire and poison ivy. There is wild hypnotism in Pentina't Lula, which makes even a Spaniard like me go into a danceable trance. It only requires six tracks to denounce social isolation
Octavio Gómez Milián, 20 Minutos, Motel Margot

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